Saturday, September 28, 2013

It's all about iOS 7

It is all about iOS 7. SO here is a list of resources you will surely enjoy:
  • Apple Design Goes Flat with iOS 7 - the title of the blog post is a little misleading as the author gives an overview on the deference, clarity, and depth themes of iOS 7. 
  • iOS 7 by Tutorials - book with a lot of tutorials on iOS 7 APIs (UIKit Dynamics, Motion Effects, Text Kit, Unite testing / CI in Xcode 5, and many more). The list of authors is impressive as well (Ray Wenderlich, Jeremy Olson, and many more). Haven't yet ordered the book, but it is on the top of my list.  
  • The Essential iOS 7 Developer's Guide - similar to the above resource, it provides 11 guides to iOS 7. Each tutorial is small and to the point, easy to read and go through, while also providing a little bit of code as well.
  • iOS 7 review - great, comprehensive, and more importantly a balanced review of iOS 7 written by Rene Ritchie of iMore. 


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