Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Java Developer's Journal April 2008 Issue

Great April Issue of the Java Developer's Journal. First article I enjoyed, written by Shay Shmeltzer, describes a wish list for JSF. I was recently introduced to JSF (and Oracle's ADF Faces) and found its component based approach together with its navigation model to be simple and straightforward to use. What I enjoyed about this article is the fact that it does not describe JSF, it does not show you an example (which you can find everywhere on the web), but it actually mentions what could be improved.

Another article written by Rob Davies and James Strachan talks about Apache Camel which is an implementation of Enterprise Integration Patterns using a (Java or XML based) Domain Specific Language to define routing rules and to connect to the messaging system. The authors show how one could build a Messaging application without actual in depth knowledge of technologies such as JMS specific to the low-level part of the Spring framework.

The article that I found to be the most interesting is "Assessing Employee Performance" written by Benjamin Garbers, a manager at IBM. He defines the jobs in a software group and the expectations he has on each of the job types. I believe that the Java Team Leader is missing from that table, but this is not that important. Beside describing each of these jobs and how to evaluate the employees from each of the job category, Benjamin also mentions tools used in obtaining the wanted metrics. For Java Developers and Designers, he mentions the Metrics plug-in for Eclipse or JHawk metric tools; for a Java Tester, IBM's Rational ClearQuest is used to view internal defects. For automated, functional and regression testing, IBM's Rational Functional Tester is used.

All great articles, so I encourage you to read them!

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