Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Reports of "UML's descent into darkness"

In an article entitled "13 reasons for UML's descent into darkness", Daniel Pietraru states that "UML lost the programmers". He gives 13 reasons why this is the case, Oh my! Below is my response to the article:

"I regard UML as an important part of the whole software/system development process. It was not (initially) created to replace or to generate code, but rather to work at a higher abstraction level. When you are part of the programming team at work, seeing the benefits of UML is hard. Capturing and analyzing requirements, building the architecture of the system, showing how components/objects interact, executing the model to verify its correctness (see Executable UML), these are some of the utilities of UML. It improves the software/system development process. And for projects that contain more than just software components, like hardware, electrical, mechanical elements, you have SysML."

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