Monday, July 28, 2008

Google Trends and Job Trends

Have you ever heard of Google Trends or Job Trends? I haven't, till today. You can find out interesting and useful data about a variety of today's trends. For example, I searched on Google Trends for "Java, C#, C++", which yielded the following graph:

The result is based on the average traffic for the term searched. You can filter your results based on rank, or a specific region/subregion and/or year to get more focused results. For example, in California, there is only one single city that 'uses' C# more than Java, and that city is Simi Valley (never heard of it? me neither, but probably that's my fault).

Searching on Job Trends for the same input yielded the following graph:

The company that provides this job trends is Indeed, which states that they "index over 50 million jobs a year from thousands of websites". You can also find specific jobs based on the search criteria you entered. Unfortunately, filtering options are almost non-existent.

I must confess that I played around with both websites for quite a while. Have fun with them too!

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