Wednesday, July 9, 2008


pbwiki is a (collaborative) wiki service that offers a reliable communication of private information. Creating your own wiki page is straightforward. You first enter some personal information such as name and email address, choose a password and a name for your wiki, and that's it. Once you receive the confirmation/activation email, you start configuring you page. You can make your wiki public or private, depending if you want it to be accessible by anyone or not. Next you choose the wiki's features, but not before you get a chance of upgrading your free account with more access controls, storage (you only have 10 MB on your free account), customizations, site monitoring, or enhanced security. If you choose to go with the free version, you find that the offered features include
  • creating a new page where you can choose from a variety of templates (such as Course, Logins, Meeting, Project, To Do List, Team Member Page, etc), or you can go with no template
  • upload or view files
  • add tags
  • customize your sidebar
  • create folders and put pages into folders
  • leave comments on pages
  • share your wiki with others
Below is a screen shot of the front page pf my newly created wiki:

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