Thursday, December 24, 2009

A couple of short links - December 24, 2009

1. 16 Cool Cellphone Concepts Which Won't Be Implemented - cellphone concepts that look amazing, ranging from customizable back sides like the Nokia Unik, to cellphones that act as a bangle like the LG Helix.

2. The (Last and Next) Decade in Gadgets - breakthroughs in technology of the past decade and prediction of  future trends. The areas covered are Computers/OS, Cellphones, Web, cameras, Home Entertainment, Music, Movies, Video Games (here it mentions Microsoft's Natal project), and Print.

3. Top Ten Stories on Digg in 2009 - the title says it all.

4. Java Design Patterns book - written by IBM's James Cooper, an excellent free resource on Design Patterns implemented in Java. Bruce Eckel has a similar book, entitled Thinking in Patterns.

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