Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sliding Puzzle Full - First Review

I found the first review of my Android game, Sliding Puzzle Full, review made for an older version (1.0.0). I am glad James enjoyed the game. From the review:

"Sliding Puzzle Full v1.1.0 is a fun application that makes your photos take on a whole new life of their own. I liked the grid size option and the ability to choose a picture or create a new puzzle using my phones camera.

The controls are overall simple to use, the touchscreen sliding mechanism is very functional and the program offers simple fun. If you're a puzzler fan you'll love this game."

Some notes:
 - the game is available on Android Market, but it was built with version 1.6, hence some phones might not *see* it yet.
 - I will not update the slideme version of the game (which is 1.0.0). The newest version is 1.1.1 and can be found in the Android Market.

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