Friday, March 28, 2008

Motorola insider writes about current crisis

On engadget you can find the publication of a letter written by Numair Faraz, the personal adviser of Motorola's former CMO Geoffrey Frost, to the executive group at Motorola. Some of the claims made their are troubling and point to how Ed Zander, the former CEO, made some unfortunate decisions that diminished the role Motorola played in the mobile phone market.
Some parts that I find disturbing:

"Motorola's current CEO, Greg Brown, is so technologically out of touch he refuses to use a computer for communications, and has all his email correspondences printed by his secretary and replied to by dictation." (not part of the letter)

"But apparently different from the rest of the incompetent senior executives at Motorola -- except instead of merely being inept, you're actually actively killing the company" and "You clearly have no interest in fighting the good fight and attempting to mold Motorola into the market leader it can and should be." (Talking about Greg Brown, current Motorola CEO)

Some of the solutions mentioned:

"... make me a phone that looks, feels, and works like a symbol of wealth and privilege."

"Fully embrace embedded Linux and Google's Android initiative, and take the phone operating system out of the stone age."

"Understand that the next big feature in handsets isn't a camera or a music player -- it is social connectedness; build expertise in this area, and sell it down the entire value chain." (totally agree with this, although I would look even beyond this, to the next stage of evolution, like the Semantic Web).

I wonder how open minded the current executive team is as to incorporate advises and to take critics in a constructive way. Either way, the letter is refreshing and the solutions proposed there need to be incorporated into future directions that the company has to take.

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