Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Usability of Applications

I am the kind of person that tries to learn something from anything, or tries to find anything from something. This is an example. For me, it tells everything about the simplicity and usability of the applications we create. Keep your user interface, your application flow, as simple, straight forward, and easy to use as possible . Of course, not all application can be as simple as the first two figures on that web page, so there is a trade off between simplicity and usability versus expressiveness and efficiency. What I think that one should leave with after viewing the three figures is that we should always try to remove the unnecessary complexity from our designs (or just take those drawings as a comic and smile).


Gelu Anghel said...

It is tempting to use the power of UI development technologies, even though it is not needed. Your example is very good. Probably measuring the interactivity by using some non-professional users would involve "some" surprises.

An interesting podcast can be found on http://www.hanselminutes.com/default.aspx?showID=82
It is a discussion with Martin Fowler and David Heinemeier related to this. One of their topics is about UI technologies that are used for desktop and web applications, the directions for the future and UI development instincts. They also talk about things like analysis and design when it comes to UI.

Mihai Fonoage said...

Thank you for posting the link Gelu, definitely worth listening to.